Grace Yoga Online is a studio dedicated to its students. With a focus on finding the right yoga for each person and keeping the conversation between teacher and student open and flowing, GYO wants to move away from the mass-produced yoga classes too often found online, to uncover the benefits of yoga for all bodies and all people at all stage of life.

A strong family connection to yoga lead Maisie to her first classes, following in the footsteps of her granny, mum and auntie. It was when she moved out of home and began exploring her independence that she found her personal connection to yoga. As she studied and learned more she noticed a correlation in her dedication to her yoga practice and her levels of self confidence and self acceptance.

Throughout her early 20s Maisie travelled a lot and practised many different styles of yoga, with and without teachers.  Eventually she found teachers who were really encouraging people to get to know themselves through the practice of yoga. Stepping towards the tangible with felt sense awareness in her own and others’ bodies was where Maisie’s passion really ignited. This was the catalyst to her taking her yoga practice further and doing her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Jivani Yoga School.

Studying under the renowned Emma Warmington, Maisie discovered her desire to share spacious, loving yoga classes. Now in her work as a teacher and as founder of Grace Yoga, the driving force behind Maisie’s philosophy is the concept that yoga is available to everyone and all bodies. In her classes there is a strong focus on the student understanding their bodies and breath, and she is dedicated to maintaining a relationship between student and teacher.