Private Yoga Classes

I want to write a piece to explain why it is that I offer private and small group yoga classes online. For me, it feels like the most authentic way I can continue to share my yoga without having a home base. 

I adore giving group classes in South East London, where I’m from. I love the community there and I love the easy connection I find with people when we are there together. When I am at home consistently and for a while, I love to teach these classes. However I travel a lot and I know from speaking to my students it is not always possible to commit to coming to the same classes at the same time every week. I recognise that the energy created in a group yoga class is really special. So many minds focused in the same direction. We can change the world together.

On the other hand I believe we can transform ourselves when we do yoga one on one or in small groups. According to Desikachar, ‘yoga is relationship, without relationship transformation cannot occur’. I’ve written before about how true I have found his words, over and over again. Private classes (or small groups) accelerate relationship between student and teacher. When we spend an hour attuning ourselves to your specific needs a bond is created. Every time we practise together that bond deepens and we get to explore things we might not come across in group classes.

In private classes teacher and student focus fully on the students body, ability, level, mind and emotions. Whatever you are experiencing in that moment in your life can be addressed. Whether you’re tired, stressed, relaxed, happy, energised, lost, any other state of being, or all those at once, whatever you need can be given and worked out and around without having to be spread across the needs of a bigger group.

You, the student, are the leader of this style of class. I take in what you say to me about how you are feeling and that becomes the focus of our time together. Conversations we have around the class will inform us both and allow us both to grow our practices. Through these conversations we can delve deeper into your yoga, you have space to ask any questions may have – and these don’t necessarily have to be related purely to asana as they would tend to be in a group class. We can begin to talk about philosophies and what yoga means for us off the mat. Yoga will become more intrinsic to us.

All of the energy of the teacher has one focus in a private class. That way we can really work on what is specific to you, whether it is alignment in certain postures, working towards a particular asana or understanding how yoga is having an affect in your life. Private classes are designed around precisely you.

One of the main benefits of offering these classes online is that we will be able to have continuity. We can build our bond and our relationship – the lynchpin of transformation. Wherever we are in the world we can connect and come back to our yoga together. Even if you do not travel a lot I know it can be difficult to consistently get to the same classes with the same teacher. I offer a way for us to connect at your convenience. Use the timetable page on my website to book a class that suits you and you no longer have to worry about if your life fits around your classes- your classes fit around your life.

If you can get to regular classes you may find that questions come up that the teacher does not have the time to answer fully. This is when a private class really becomes wholly useful. It is a space where you can explore what yoga means to yoga, and speak in depth about whatever arises through your practice or through the simple act of living.

If you haven’t already, book in for a class with me and let’s transform together.

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