Your guide to yoga

Some of the immediate benefits of yoga that you will notice are feeling stronger, calmer, and more flexible. Over time, this will develop into a sense of ease and spaciousness in your body and mind.

Three of the different elements of yoga that we will explore in our classes are Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation. 

The physical practice of yoga. The postures and flows that we will move through in class to open up the body, help find ease and prepare the mind and body for meditation. From tadasana (mountain pose) to savasana (corpse pose, aka relaxation!) we will work on strength building, flexibility and correct alignment for a safe and sustaining practice.

Working with the breath. In sanskrit prana means life force and yama is to control. Pranayama then, is controlling the life force, in this case, the breath. You will learn techniques for lengthening the inhale and exhale and for holding the breath, as well as how to use breath to guide your asana practice and prepare for your meditation practice.

Moments of stillness. Working towards quieting the mind and drawing the focus inwards. This comes after an asana and pranayama practice to allow the mind time to calm and bring some peace and equanimity to your day.

You decide how you want to focus your class- perhaps you are working on nailing that one pose or generally feeling better in your body and you’d like a mainly asana based class. Maybe you are keen to learn the benefits of pranayama or would like to start or maintain a regular meditation practice. Whatever your goals, as classes are designed around you, you won’t be able to help but achieve them!

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